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2020-04-03 04:28

DATABASE: Latest list of homes with defective Chinese drywall Moe Benecke, executive director of the Cape Coral Construction Industry Association, said the end can't come quickly enough.Chinese Drywall Screening, LLC, is a professional engineering firm with one of the most experienced team of inspectors and consultants in the country covering Florida and the Southeast. Since 2009, our team of inspectors have inspected more than 3, 000 homes and commercial properties with over a 1, 000 cases filed in legal proceedings dealing m i homes chinese drywall florida

Chinese drywall is believed to be responsible for damaging hundreds of homes, creating possible health problems and prompting a string of lawsuits against builders and drywall manufacturers. Experts believe there was enough of this drywall to build between 50, 000 100, 000 homes.

Chinese Drywall in and around Cape Coral, Ft. Myers and Lehigh Acres is something to be aware of Over the past couple of years we've been hearing more and more about Chinese Drywall in SW Florida. Our office focuses mostly in Cape Coral& Fort Myers real estate. There are many homes& communities that have been affected by Chinese Drywall. Common Signs of Chinese Drywall. During the construction boom between 2001 and 2009, drywall shortages in the United States caused the building industry to import drywall manufactured in China. The following signs are commonly present in homes that contain defective Chinesemade drywall.m i homes chinese drywall florida We have been performing Chinese drywall remediations for nearly five years, and have a long list of satisfied clients whose homes we have remediated over the last several years. We are a Florida state licensed Certified Building Contractor (CBC ). we can remove every trace of the contaminated drywall. We dont return homes to

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Six years after the scourge of defective Chinese drywall in Florida homes first surfaced in the public eye, some homebuyers continue to unknowingly purchase homes that have not been fixed and m i homes chinese drywall florida Florida is the leading state most affected by this toxic wallboard, with nearly 60 of the complaints. I am a victim of Chinese drywall (Taishan was the manufacturer and we are from the Tampa Bay area). If you are looking for a professional Chinese drywall remediation contractor, I highly recommend that you look into JJ Staten Homes. Where Has Problem Drywall Been Reported State and local authorities have also received similar reports. We received our first incident report from a consumer on December 22, 2008. Random samples of new Americanmade drywall in six U. S. cities, new Chinesemade drywall from China, and samples of drywall from five damaged U. S. homes were collected and sent to the University of Florida to be tested by a team of researchers led by professor Tim Townsend, a scientist and leading expert on the effects of drywall on the Chinese markings on drywall (This does not imply that all Chinese drywall or that only Chinese drywall is associated with these problems, but that among homes with the characteristic corrosion, Chinese drywall is a corroborating marker for the characteristic problems. )

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