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Fact: Prisoners at faith and characterbased correctional facilities are less likely to return to prison than other inmates. (Half of the women in Floridas prisons are mentally ill. )Faith and Character Based Initiatives in Corrections: Do They Work? Rick Hohl Abstract The United States has the largest prison population per capita in the world. Florida has taken a proactive position regarding this issue with the opening of three Faith and CharacterBased prisons, seven dormitories located at other state faith and character based prisons florida

Institute of two of Floridas Faith and CharacterBased Correctional Institutions (FCBIs): Lawtey, a male facility located in Raiford, Florida, 1 and Hillsborough, a female facility in Riverview, Florida. 2 The evaluation draws on data collected through interviews with facility

Faithbased prisons: the valid studies. By Floridas Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability (OPPAGA) published a report on several faith and characterbased Faith and CharacterBased Prison Initiative Yields Institutional Benefits; Effect on Recidivism Modest at a glance Floridas faith and characterbased initiative is a volunteerstaffed program that offers religious and life skills programs in 11 Florida prisons. Inmate participation is voluntary and inmates offaith and character based prisons florida Review of the Department of Corrections FaithCorrections Faithbased Prisons based Prisons Presentation to the House Criminal Justice SubcoSubco tteemmittee Marti W HarknessMarti W. Harkness Staff Director, Criminal Justice OPPAGA January 25 2011 Florida Legislature Office of Program Policy Analysis& Government Accountability January 25

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Recently the final report of the Governors Task Force recommended that faith& character prisons be expanded to help create a more positive prison culture. A front page NY Times article in December 2006 named Florida as the one state in the country that got it right with faithbased prison programs and First Amendment church& state faith and character based prisons florida CORRECTIONAL MODELS: A CASE STUDY OF FLORIDAS FAITHBASED AND CHARACTERBASED INSTITUTIONS. Diana Brazzell Nancy La Vigne. As the popularity of faithbased programs has grown across the country, the criminal justice field has witnessed the development of numerous faithbased initiatives aimed at rehabilitating and About 10, 000 of the state's nearly 98, 000 prisoners are on waiting lists for the faith and characterbased prisons and seven faithbased and selfimprovement dorms in traditional prisons. The Florida programs depend on volunteers and there is no cost to the state. Do FaithBased Prisons Work? by Alexander Volokh. like Floridas Faith and CharacterBased Institutions or the federal Life Connections Program, are probably less so. Faithbased prisons continue to be promoted as promising avenues for reform, chiefly on the grounds that they improve prison discipline and reduce recidivism. Dec 24, 2003 The Christian Science Monitor is an international news organization that delivers thoughtful, global coverage via its website, weekly magazine, online daily edition, and email newsletters.

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