How to get retroactive child support in florida

2020-03-29 19:33

Can I get retroactive child support? The state of Florida allows collection of child support prior to the date your application for child support was filed, between the date of the separation and the time the child support order went into effect. The maximum amount of retroactive child support payments available in the state of Florida is 24What You Need to Know About Retroactive Child Support in Florida. custodial parents will need to obtain a child support order from a Florida family law court. When that order is received, the noncustodial parent must pay a certain amount of child support going forward. To get help with your retroactive child support case, please give how to get retroactive child support in florida

When determining child support payments in Florida, the court may order retroactive child support payments for the time between the date the parents separated and the

Mar 24, 2015  For instance, if a child is born out of wedlock and paternity was proven when the child turned 12 years old, the court can order the father to pay retroactive child support in Florida. The retroactive child support will date back to when the parents Limitations on Retroactive Child Support. Certain states like Texas have no limits on the time period for a parent to seek retroactive child support. Other states, including California, impose a 3year time limit for retroactive child support. This means in California, a parent can seek child support for a maximum of 3 years prior to filing thehow to get retroactive child support in florida The custodial parent usually has a right to current child support and retroactive child support dating from a certain time in the past. The ability to waive retroactive child support, however, depends on state laws and may even be considered a right of the child, not the custodial parent.

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