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Florida Geological SurveyDEP StaffFossil Collection Agatized Coral. JPG. Under the direction of E. H. Sellards, Herman Gunter and S. J. Olsen, this FGS collection was the primary source of fossil vertebrate descriptions from Florida until the early 1960s. In Tallahassee, visitors at the Museum of Florida History can view Herman, a mastodon skeleton recovered by FGS staff in 1930 from the depths of WakullaWHERE: Peace River, near Arcadia, is the most popular river in the state for familyfriendly fossil collecting. Other rivers and creeks in central and north Florida are familyfriendly as fossil collecting in florida

Collecting fossils in Florida. However, it seems that every museum in the State (other than art museums) has a fossil exhibition: the Science museum in Miami was showing Chinese dinosaurs, the Orlando Science Centre had displays of Upper Cretaceous dinosaurs and the Natural History Museum in Gainesville had the very best complete skeletons of mammals from Florida.

In Florida it is illegal to collect vertebrate fossils (excluding shark teeth) without a permit from lands owned by the state. State lands include the bottoms of navigable waterways like rivers, lakes and some streams. A permit to collect vertebrate fossils on state lands can be obtained through the Florida Museum of Natural History. Fossil Educational Programs. Our purpose is to educate and create a sense of appreciation for Floridas paleontological history. Programs strive to be both fun and educational.fossil collecting in florida US And Canadian Fossil Sites Data for FLORIDA. Version 0810 current as of OCT 2008. Back to States INDEX. Back to MAIN PAGE

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Jan 08, 2019 Fossil Expeditions: Fossil Hunting A Hidden Gem in Florida See 39 traveler reviews, 53 candid photos, and great deals for Arcadia, FL, at TripAdvisor. Fossil Hunting A Hidden Gem in Florida Review of Fossil Expeditions, Arcadia, FL TripAdvisor fossil collecting in florida Collecting Fossils in Florida. In Gainesville, you can find fossil sharks teeth by sifting through the sand of the small creeks that run through the city. Hogtown Creek and Possum creek are popular sites, especially where they cross 8th Avenue. Look on gravel bars at bends in the creek or in pebbly areas. How can the answer be improved? Fossils in Florida Hunting for Natures Treasures from the Past. Florida is a veritable hotbed of fossils, and the amateur prospector will be pleased to know that they dont have to get out the pick and shovel in order to nab some truly impressive specimens for their collection as It is Florida's public policy to protect and preserve vertebrate fossils, including bones, teeth, natural casts, molds, impressions, and other remains of prehistoric vertebrate animals. Fossil sharks teeth are specifically excluded from these regulations, as are the fossils

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