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The Form Interrogatories in Form Interrogatories General (DISC001) and Form Interrogatories Limited Civil Cases (DISC004) are broken into sections that correspond to each other. These sections are identified with a bold heading prefaced by a number with a decimal 0, such as 106. 0, followed by interrogatories with decimalsThis rule does not direct how the questions are to be asked. It can be either in the form of a question (usually contention interrogatories), or they can direct the form interrogatories florida

foregoing Answers to Interrogatories and that the same are true and correct to the best of their knowledge and belief. WITNESS my hand and official seal in the County and State aforesaid this day of, 2013. NOTARY PUBLIC, State of Florida at Large My Commission Expires:

Interrogatories, Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure Form 12. 930(a) and Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure 12. 280, 12. 285, 12. 340, and 12. 380. Special notes In addition to the standard questions in this form, you may ask up to 10 additional questions. Form A. Uniform Interrogatories to be Answered by Plaintiff in All Personal Injury Cases (Except Medical Malpractice Cases): Superior Court. All questions must be answered unless the court otherwise orders or unless a claim of privilege or protective order is made in accordance with R. 4: 171(b)(3). (Caption) 1.form interrogatories florida this form to indicate which questions you are requesting that the other party answer. You must serve the other party with an original and a copy of these interrogatories and a copy of the Notice of Service of Standard Family Law Interrogatories, Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure Form 12. 930(a), if

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form interrogatories and special inter rogatories. Unfortunately, all too often, the defense interrogatories are prepared by an inexperienced attorney, generating extra billing hours by propounding use less repetitive questions which are often sent without regard to your clients pri vacy rights or the relevant issues in the case. form interrogatories florida florida rules of civil procedure 5 form 1. 946. motor vehicle negligence when plaintiff is unable to determine who is responsible 200 form 1. 947. tenant eviction 201 standard interrogatories 206 form 1. 977. fact information sheet 206 form 1. 980. default 211 form 1. 981. satisfaction of judgment 212 form 1. 982. contempt notice 212 Form 1. 976 Standard Interrogatories SAVE TO PDF PRINT The forms of Florida standard interrogatories approved by the supreme court shall be used in the actions to which they apply, subject to the requirements of rule 1. 340. (a) Interrogatories are written questions prepared by a party to an action that are sent to any other party in the action to be answered under oath. The interrogatories below are form interrogatories approved for use in civil cases. (b) For time limitations, requirements for service on other The interrogatories on page 2 of this form are intended to provide for the exchange of relevant information without unreasonable expense to the answering party. They do not change existing law relating to interrogatories, nor do they affect the answering partys right to assert any privilege or make any objection. Privileges must be asserted.

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