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2020-02-26 02:51

ESPN Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly said on Sunday that he's more confused about the controversial call at the end of the Florida State game now than he was on Saturday night.Florida State 1st 2 drives against Notre Dame: 1 yards. Michigan 1st 2 drives against Notre Dame: 92 yards. Michigan Florida State. PLAYOFFS HERE WE COME BABY. Edit: I don't really have to explain that this is a joke, do I? Come on guys bad call notre dame florida state

Sep 22, 2013  This is clearly a pass interference when Michigan State's cornerback (Trae Waynes) makes contact with the Notre Dame WR (Cory Robinson) while not playing the ball Stop complaining State

I am glad that Florida State won and I see the reasoning behind the call, but it seems more than a little harsh on Note Dame. Please Log in or Create an account to join the conversation. Florida state vs Notre dame bad call? Oct 19, 2014 Kirk Herbstriet is a liar and deserves to get fired. This game was obviously fixed. Obvious defensive holding was not called. Sickening.bad call notre dame florida state Oct 19, 2014 Offensive pass interference that helped Florida State beat Notre Dame was the right call New, 545 comments There was a big call that helped decide Florida State's win over Notre Dame.

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Late penalty call helps Florida State remain undefeated in narrow win over Notre Dame. Graham Watson. Every time Notre Dame scored, Florida State had an almost immediate answer. It was not bad call notre dame florida state In order to bring a little clarity to the offensive passinterference call that occurred in last nights Notre DameFlorida State game, let me see if I can explain the rule. Florida State beats Notre Dame in wild game. New and a bad spot on a third down run by quarterback Everett but Florida State held and forced a Notre Dame punt on 4th and 8 with 5: 22 left The good, the bad, the ugly: Notre Dame vs. Florida State. By Keith Arnold Oct 20, 2014, 1: 33 PM EDT. 112 Comments. Share this: Nobody expects the ACC officials to change OPI call. But same Oct 18, 2014  Controversial lastsecond penalty dooms Notre Dame in stunner at Florida State. a controversial call that essentially ended Notre Dames hopes of a stunning upset at Florida State

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