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In Florida Probate Tips by LongNovember 13, 2009. In a nutshell, Summary Administration in Florida is a type of probate proceeding for small estates. To be eligible: The estate must contain less than 75, 000 in nonexempt assets (typically, assets other than the decedents home) OR. At least 2 years have passed since the date of death.The petition may be signed on behalf of a minor or an incompetent by her or his legal guardian or, if none, by her or his natural guardian. You can purchase a professionally prepared Florida forms package from US Legal for Summary Administration in Florida. Here is the link to the summary administration summary administration florida probate

As of 2016, the filing fee for a Florida summary administration is usually 235 for estates valued at less than 1, 000, or 345 for estates valued over that amount. Fees can differ somewhat by county, however, as well as for nonresidents' estates, so contact your local probate court to confirm.

How can the answer be improved? Summary Probate Administration in Florida. Florida probate law provides for a form of probate procedure that results in the disposition of a decedent's assets without the necessity for lengthy or costly court proceedings. This process is known as summary administration. For an estate to qualify for summary administration, either:summary administration florida probate Formal Administration vs. Summary Administration Formal Administration. Chapter 733 of the Florida Statutes is titled Administration of Estates and it governs probate administration. In general, formal administration is required when the decedent has been dead for two years or less and when the value of the probate estate exceeds

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