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The Gnis topographic map shows the site right on the bend in the North New River Canal at the road junction, I did not see Hacienda Village in your list of Florida ghost towns. Hacienda Village (founded 1949) is a defunct town located in central Broward County, Florida. It was located near State Road 441 and State Road 84.How can the answer be improved? ghost towns in north florida

Visit These 8 Fascinating Ghost Towns In Florida For A Glimpse Into The Past. Most people think of ghost towns as creepy reminders of our mortality, but some would say these ghost towns in Florida are more interesting than scary.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This is an incomplete list of ghost towns in the United States Florida's Beachy Ghost Hunt Not all the ghosts are in towns. Some of Floridas most eerie places are actually abandoned towns, including Fort Dade on Egmont Key, near St. Petersburg.ghost towns in north florida Ghosttowns. comthe best source of information on ghost towns in the U. S. Ghost towns are listed by state& include biographies, pictures, and other detailed ghost town info. Ghost Towns of Florida Ghosttowns. com Presents:

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263 rows This is an incomplete List of ghost towns in Florida sortable by name, county, or coordinates. Note that the county names are modern (as of 2018); in several cases the ghost town, when inhabited, was in a different county than the modern one. ghost towns in north florida Abandoned Florida: 10 Ghost Towns and Forgotten Places in the Sunshine State. In Abandoned, Lists, North America By Debra Kelly 11 January 2016. Share; Brennans longtime devotion makes Kerr City one of the bestpreserved abandoned Florida ghost towns in the country. Hes perfectly fine with the ghost town label too.

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