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Flowering Perennials for South Florida. Comes in a rainbow of colors and likes full to part sun. Some tend to grow leggy cut back regularly to stay full and bushy at about 2 feet. The white and the purple lantanas stay lower, and multicolored Anne Marie (pictured) grows in a wellbehaved mound. Excellent butterfly plant. Accent or groundcover.Florida Flowers: Purple Coneflowers, Blue Salvia and Yellow Daylilies. Pictures of perennials, full sun flowering perennials for Florida and the South, that's what this page is all about. All the easy to grow perennials on this page thrive in hot and humid climates such as Florida and the South. These are all low maintenance perennials, some are drought tolerant, and a few can take partial shade. perennial flowers in south florida

Perennials Thrive In Upper South Zone. In the upper zone of the South most of the popular perennials will thrive, but as one goes deeper into this area, approaching the Gulf Coast and Florida, the list of perennials becomes more selective.

Perennial Flowers. A perennial is a plant that lives for an extended time and that flowers and produces seed throughout its life. LongBlooming Florida Perennials. Drought tolerant, it holds up well to harsh weather. The only times Ive seen a problem are when we get lots of heavy rain; it sulks when things stay wet. Vinca blooms in a wide range of colors, including pinks, lavenders, purples, white,perennial flowers in south florida These flowers are native to the Indian Subcontinent and cannot stand the cold, making them great perennials for Central and South Florida. Purchase this flower at any garden center and make sure to plant it in a partially shady area.

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Grow a lowmaintenance garden in a cinch with these perennials that thrive in the South. Ajuga offers short spires of blue flowers in spring, but the real value is the green, burgundy, bronze, or variegated foliage that looks good spring to fall. LowMaintenance Perennials for the South. perennial flowers in south florida Plant Perennials in Your South Florida Garden. After the flowers fade, the plants form golden, nonedible berries. Give Duranta full sun to partial shade in your beds or containers. Persian Shield: Like Cuban gold duranta, Persian shield is grown primarily for its stunning leaves, which are iridescent purple South Florida Perennials. South Florida perennials are the icing on the cake of pretty landscaping, as they live several years or longer with cyclical bursts of flowers. The small, flowering perennials in this section have bloom colors of yellow, white, pink, purple, blue and more and many attract butterflies. How can the answer be improved? Bulb Selections for Florida. Cannas ( Canna selections), oldfashioned favorites that add height (up to 8 feet) to landscape plantings or containers, are easy to grow, and thrive in heat. Frost can kill cannas to the ground, but in Florida, unlike in Northern climates, the rhizomes will rally to produce more plants.

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