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Remedies for Real Property Disputes in Florida D. Excuse of performance. Florida law excuses performance of a contract, if performance is either for breach of contract or the seller may elect to sue in equity for specific performance. 14 In other words, the seller may sue for actual damages caused by a default, or request aFlorida Specific Performance in Real Estate Agreements. Under Florida law, forcing that buyer to perform can only be done by a court if there is no other adequate remedy at law. If the judge tries to order specific performance and the buyer can demonstrate that other remedies were available (say, a specific performance elements florida

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SPECIFIC PERFORMANCE. [The following article was excerpted from John T. Blanchard's law school textbook, California Remedies: Commentary, Materials and Problems (3d ed. 1997) Specific Performance is an equitable remedy for breach of contract. It is an alternative when money damages, the usual legal remedy, is inadequate. Specific Performance and Contract Law. In England, courts used to be divided into courts of law and courts of equity. Courts of law had the authority to award monetary remedies like damages. Courts of equity had broader powers, such as the power to compel someone to do something or to forbid someone from doing something.specific performance elements florida 2. The Plaintiff is an individual, residing in Orange County, Florida. 3. The Defendant is a Florida Corporation, in active operation in Orange County, Florida. 4. All causes of action occurred in Orange County, Florida, and therefore jurisdiction is proper in this Court.

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Florida courts have held that specific performance may be granted under an oral contract but only in the limited circumstance where the buyer is already in possession of the property at the commencement of the buyers action against the seller. Avery v. Marine Bank& Trust Co. , 216 So. 2d 251 (Fla. 2d DCA 1968). Yet even when the buyer is in possession, possession alone is not enough to enforce this remedy. specific performance elements florida EXHIBIT 4: 1 Sample Complaint (State) 2008 Thomson Delmar Learning. In bringing suit for anticipatory breach of contract, all the following elements must be pled: The remedy for a cause of action for specific performance is a court order that the contract in question be per Oct 24, 2014 Specific Performance of a Written Contract in Florida: A decree of specific performance is an equitable remedy granted at the discretion of a trial court. It can be granted only when 1) the plaintiff is clearly entitled to it, 2) there is no adequate remedy at law, and 3) the judge believes that justice requires it. It is also possible that by the seller and sellers attorney even having notice of a threatened specific performance action marketability of the property is at risk. 13 In any event, Florida courts have held that the pendency of a lawsuit seeking specific performance of property makes the title to the property unmarketable 14 and the threat In Nevada, the remedy of specific performance is available where: Valid contract with reasonably definite and certain terms exists; Elements for a Claim of Imposition of a Constructive Trust Sample Jurisdictional Statements Under Rule 8, Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure

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